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Prompted Quill - Bonus Prompt!

Twenty Facts About Dixie Dunsbi

1. Dixie was born on a dairy farm in the small Virginian town of Crossix. She spent many of the first twelve years of her life doing farm chores, including waking up at dawn to milk the cows and feed the animals. Though she's been off the farm more years now then she spent on it, she still likes to get up and watch the sunrise. It's a little bit of quiet time for herself, and to remember who she is and the things her father taught her were most important in life....honesty, hard work, family, friendship, faith.

2. Dixie's father died when she was two months shy of her thirteenth birthday from cancer. His illness was short, only four months, but during that time it became clear to her that while being a veternarian was a good career, she wanted to help other families in her situation and decided she would become a doctor. Her father knew of these plans before his death and told her not to let anything stop her if it was her dream to be a doctor.

3. Dixie and her twin brother, Mason, were born on the Ides of March. On their twenty-seventh birthday Mason was killed by his lover of three years when the twins and their friends came out of a club they had been celebrating at.

4. Unlike her brother, Dixie abstained from alcohol until they turned twenty-one. After getting completely plastered on their birthday, the twins went out and got matching tattoos of the Gemini "twins" symbol. Mason's was on his left arm, but Dixie had hers put in a more subtle place, the small of her back. After Mason's death she had his initials added underneath it.

5. Dixie loves horses and has since she was old enough to stand up. It was a passion she shared with her father and in the last year of his life she was allowed to join the fox hunting group her father was Master of the Hounds with. For her tenth birthday she was given a nice hunting mare for her personal horse after she out grew her pony. Giving up her horse after her father's death and her mother sold the farm was one of the hardest things she had done in her life at that time.

6. Her mother sold the farm as soon as her father was buried and moved the twins down to her native Georgia. It was there she met the town preacher's son and remarried not more then six months after her father's death.

7. Dixie's stepfather, Stan Reynolds, was a weekend alcoholic who didn't mind using his fists to make a point, especially to his step children, whom he felt were a burden. Dixie purposely took the worst of the beatings, often locking Mason in her bedroom closet until Stan beat her bloody, knowing that he couldn't stand the abuse.

8. During Stan's beatings, Dixie refused to shed a single tear, knowing it would give him satisifaction. In fact, her lack of tears made him beat on her harder. As an adult, it is still very hard for her to cry and she will only do it with someone she truly trusts to see her in a moment of weakness.

9. Stan's father was the minister of a smallish Baptist church in the town they lived in. Though she blocked the memory for many years, Dixie and Mason were molested by their step-grandfather, along with a good share of the teens that were involved with the church during that time period. Because of it, physical intimacy is hard for Dixie sometimes, and she doesn't like to be stuck in basements, where the church youth group would meet at Pastor Reynold's church.

10. Dixie was two dogs, a brother and sister pair of Papillions. Her brother wanted dogs that looked liked living art and he got Dixie a puppy too. They are named Picasso and Monet.

11. Because Mason had an interest in theater, Dixie also took drama in high school so he could stay in. Their stepfather wanted him to play sports, but their mother wanted Mason to keep an eye on Dixie during the extra hours the drama club would put in.

12. Dixie was not named Senior Prom Queen in highschool. But she did get to play the lead in "Evita", with her brother playing the character of Che, and for her that was better then a crown or special slow dance anyday. Even now, "The Waltz of Eva and Che" makes her smile as she remembers her brother.

13. During college Dixie did a little part time modeling. Her stepfather refused to pay for her schooling so she worked a number of odd jobs until she spent about a year modeling for a local catalouge company. After a brush with an eating disorder, Mason took over once Dixie was in med school and worked as an artist to pay for rest of her schooling.

14. Above Dixie's bed is a painting Mason did for her their last birthday based off of a photograph of Dixie and her father with their horses after the last fox hunt they rode in together. It is one of her most prized possessions.

15. Dixie drives a 1969 Chevelle, red with a black racing stripe, that belonged to her brother. It's her baby because she currently can't have a horse. She figures she might as well have a little horsepower.

16. At the age of eighteen, Dixie and Mason moved out of their mother's house. From that time until Mason's death nine years later the twins always lived together. They had a simple arrangement that Dixie would clean and Mason would cook, because Dixie can barely boil water without needing the fire department.

17. Dixie is rather talented at the piano and it's the only "lady like" pursuit that her mother and grandmother made her suffer through that she enjoys. For her brother's funeral, she played and sang "Bohemian Rhapsody", a favorite song of his.

18. On a typical day at home, Dixie would be found wearing jeans, a tank top or sweater and wearing flats or barefoot. At work she prefers to stick with a traditional blouse, skirt, heels combo. Her closet is coordianted by type and color, to make it easier and because she likes how the colors make a rainbow that blends into each other.

19. Dixie is actually on the shy side, though you'd never know if it you met her while she's Dr. Dunsbi. She has much more confidence in herself as a doctor then she does as herself as a person. Part of it is because of her abusive years as a teenager, but part of is also just Dixie.

20. Dixie's other most prized posession is a pair of weddings bands worn by her parents. They are a celtic knotwork pattern done in gold, silver and bronze. They were made by her great-great grandfather and were the biggest treasure her Grandma Rose brought over when she left Ireland for America. She wears them both on a chain around her neck and hopes one day when she marries they will be the wedding bands she and her husband use.


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